3M Command 無痕™ 極淨防水收納系列-雙層伸縮毛巾架图片1
3M Command 無痕™ 極淨防水收納系列-雙層伸縮毛巾架图片2
3M Command 無痕™ 極淨防水收納系列-雙層伸縮毛巾架图片3
3M Command 無痕™ 極淨防水收納系列-雙層伸縮毛巾架图片4

3M Non-marking Waterproof Storage Series Double-Layer Retractable Towel Rack

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3M Command 無痕™ 極淨防水收納系列-雙層伸縮毛巾架
3M non-marking ultra-clean waterproof storage series double-layer retractable towel rack

Size: W(390-630) x D137 x H105 mm

  • Using 3M exclusive non-marking waterproof tape, brand new super glue layer, moisture resistance and super waterproof. With a stable special cotton sheet, the waiting time is shortened, and the sticking is still stable even in water or humid environments.
  • Double-bar design, the length can be adjusted according to the needs, and the storage of towels, bath towels, hand towels, etc. is convenient to use.
  • The lengthened design of the towel bar makes it easy to hang large bath towels and small towels for family members.
  • The ingenious design of the front and rear height difference double poles improves the storage function, is ventilated and is easy to identify.
  • The appearance is stylish, simple and elegant, and the new series design is easy to match with all kinds of bathroom spaces.
  • The carrying weight is 4 kg. Easily store all kinds of towels, neat and beautiful.

★This product is a consumable, once opened and used, it cannot be returned.