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Asvel Luntus Cafe Food Jar 300ml White

Asvel Luntus Cafe Food Jar 300ml White

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"Soup Jar" allows you to enjoy delicious and warm soup anytime, anywhere. With its stainless steel vacuum insulation structure, it maintains the temperature of its contents, keeping them warm or cold. If you fill it with hot soup in the morning, it will be at the perfect eating temperature by lunchtime. During hot summer days, you can also use it for chilled soups. The integrated packing prevents leaks even if you forget to tighten it, making it safe to carry in your bag. It's also easy to clean since you can wash it as it is without needing to remove anything.

For those who want to enjoy it with convenience store salads or sandwiches, it's a standard size of 300ml, ensuring a satisfying meal.

Capacity: 300ml

Size: Diameter 9.0 × Height 10.9cm

Material: Body = Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating), Lid = PBT・ABS resin (core material: foam PP insulating material), Lid packing, air valve, stopper packing = Silicone rubber



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