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ASVEL Wide 2 Tier Rubbish Bin 30.5L

ASVEL Wide 2 Tier Rubbish Bin 30.5L

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Trash Can, 2 Tiers, Wide, Recyclable Garbage, With Casters, Drawer, Bag Stopper, 2 Sorters, Approx. 30L, Trash Can, Dust Box, Fashionable

Garbage bin specialized for sorting About 30.5L
The two-tiered trash can, which is ideal for kitchens, can be sorted according to the circumstances of your home. The lower tier, which is deeper than the upper tier, can hold tall items such as wine bottles.

Usable plastic bag size
[Upper] Commercial 20L plastic bag: Approx. width 50 x Height 60cm [
Lower] Commercial 45L plastic bag: Approx . The trash can has a large opening, so it is easy to throw away bulky plastic bottles, empty cans, food trays, and other garbage. The drawer type that makes it difficult to see the garbage inside can be installed without spoiling the surrounding scenery. A design that harmonizes with various rooms The lean and stylish form of the trash can has a simple design that does not interfere with the image of the space. Equipped with removable casters Equipped with casters, so it is convenient when moving a little, such as when vacuuming. The casters are removable and the trash can can be placed directly on the floor. * When placing directly on the floor, please use a scratch prevention sheet. Effective use of kitchen space The 33.5 cm wide trash can can be placed in the dead space of the kitchen, such as next to the refrigerator, sink, or cupboard. With a depth of about 27.5cm, it is thin and can be installed along the wall of the kitchen. In addition, the height is about 71 cm including casters, so it is perfect for under the counter.

Convenient bag stopper
The bag stopper prevents the garbage bag from slipping, and the set bag is difficult to see from the outside, so you can maintain a stylish appearance.

The container can
be washed as a whole The container can be removed individually, so you can wash it even if it gets dirty, and you can always keep it clean.

Comes with
a sticker that is convenient for sorting garbage.
Easy to clean The
back and sides have a clean form, making it easy to clean.

Can be used side by side with different sizes
Can be used side by side with the 3-tier sorting wagon of the same series. You can choose the size according to your lifestyle.

→ Click here for the 3-tier sorting wagon



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