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Tiger JAX-S10A/18A Multi-function Ricecooker - Made in Japan

Tiger JAX-S10A/18A Multi-function Ricecooker - Made in Japan

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  •  THE PREMIER MULTI-FUNCTIONAL RICE COOKER TO PREPARE TWO DISHES SIMULTANEOUSLY - The Tiger JAX-S multi cooker provides the performance you are hoping to to create the perfect meal. Equipped with 10 computerised cooking menus with the new tacook synchronise cooking function.
  •  MADE IN JAPAN - All of our kitchen appliances are assembled in Japan. The Tiger JAXS10A multi-functional rice cooker is constructed of stainless steel with white trimmings which is elegant with sophisticated design for the modern kitchen. Makes a nice gift idea!
  •  EASY CLEANING - Almost all the major parts are easily detachable and cleanable from the inner lid, outer lid, cords, steam vamp cap and more.
  •  AUTOMATIC COOKING LOGIC™ SYSTEM FOR BEST QUALITY OF FOOD - We figured that you’re going to use the Tiger JAX-S rice cooker to make perfectly moist and fluffy rice every time, so we built it with that in mind. We equipped our rice cookers with smart microcomputer technology that automatically senses, adjusts, & actively monitors the temperature of the rice and other food you’re cooking to produce the perfect meal. Tiger JAX-S is the way to go!
  •  ONE YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - We provide unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee for our products. We offer 1 year warranty backed by friendly customer service for any electrical malfunction of our product



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