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ASVEL Large Volume 2 Tiers Rubbish Bin 40L

ASVEL Large Volume 2 Tiers Rubbish Bin 40L

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Size: Width 330 × Depth 310  × Height 825mm (Width 360mm with hook attached)
Capacity:40L (Upper 20L + Lower 20L) 

  • 20L + 20L vertical pail.
  • Vertical sorting that does not take up space even in the kitchen
  • Space-saving utilisation
  • Pedal type allows easy opening and closing of the upper stage
  • When you step on the pedal, the upper lid opens.
  • The lower frontage is wide and the design makes it easy to dispose of garbage.
  • Hooks are attached to both sides, making it convenient for hanging shopping bags.


分別ダストボックスペダル2段40SD ベージュ(2段40L ベージュ): 清掃用品・掃除用品ホームセンター通販のカインズ分別ダストボックスペダル2段40SD ベージュ(2段40L ベージュ): 清掃用品・掃除用品ホームセンター通販のカインズ



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