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Hakugen Drawers Dehumidifier Dry & Dry Up 12 Packs

Hakugen Drawers Dehumidifier Dry & Dry Up 12 Packs

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Product features

A type of dehumidifying agent that hardens in a jelly-like form when it absorbs moisture.
- It is a thin type that does not take up space in a drawer or clothes case.
●Deodorizes unpleasant odors* in the storage space. (*Worrying odor = musty odor, sweat odor, body odor)
●Inhibits the growth of mold.
●Prevents yellowing* during clothing storage. (*Yellowing due to nitrogen oxides (NOx))
•It is not effective for yellowing caused by dirt.
•There is no effect to remove yellowing.
• The effect varies depending on the material and fabric.
●Makes it difficult for ticks to come close to the storage space.
* We have confirmed the effect of making it difficult for indoor dust mites to come close to the storage space.
Not intended for ticks or dust mites.
●Can be used with insect repellent.

Removes moisture from clothing storage spaces such as dresser drawers and clothing cases.

[Standard dehumidification amount (converted to water)]
Approximately 50g per sheet (when temperature is 25°C and humidity is 80%)

[Usage period]
1 to 4 months (Different depending on the season and humidity conditions even in the same place of use.)
*Must be replaced with a new product within one year of use.


● Calcium chloride
● Water retention agent (naturally derived ingredient)
● Anti-mold and tick repellent (ingredient derived from wasabi)



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