HONGYU Prawn Cracker 70g (Original)  宏裕行 咔滋蝦餅

HONGYU Prawn Cracker 70g (Original) 宏裕行 咔滋蝦餅

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The sweet shrimp cakes made from carefully selected Jindiao shrimps. They are attractive in colour, crispy, full of prawn flavours, and moderately salty. They are the best shrimp crackers you can get on the market. It is a casual refreshment for all ages all day.
Ingredients: tapioca flour, flour, shrimp, salt, white pepper, palm oil, pesto powder, flavoring agents (aminoacetic acid, aminopropionic acid, 5'-guanine nucleotide disodium, 5'-xanthine Disodium Nucleotide), Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Spice
Size: 70g