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Kobayashi Eyewash 500ml Santen Sante PC Blue Light Eye Drops 12ml

Kobayashi Eyewash 500ml Santen Sante PC Blue Light Eye Drops 12ml

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SANTEN Sante PC Blue Light Eye Drops 

Coolness: 3 

[For the crowd] long time the use of computers, mobile phones and other electronic products crowd, wear hard contact lenses available. When wearing soft contact lenses, please remove and then use. (Such as swimming, dust or sweat into the eyes when the situation), blurred vision (excessive conjunctival secretion, etc.) eye itching, eyelid inflammation, eye irritation, eye irritation caused by ultraviolet rays and other eye infections, eye fatigue, conjunctival hyperemia, eye diseases (Eyelid contact dermatitis) when wearing hard contact lenses discomfort.

Product Features

Every day from the computer or smart phone display in the blue light, the so-called BlueLight and so slowly to the burden of the eyes. 

SantenPC vitamin B12, chondroitin sulfate and vitamin B6 to achieve the highest concentration, vitamin B12 has improved focus regulation function, chondroitin sulfate can protect the cornea, vitamin B6 can damage the damaged eye tissue metabolism. Through the eight components to improve eye inflammation and eye fatigue, etc., is a comfortable feeling with the eye drops. For people who have always been staring at the computer or smart phones to see the crowd, can effectively alleviate the fatigue of their eyes.



Santen Japan 


Usage and dosage A 

1 to 3 drops, day eye 5 to 6 times. 

After years of research, developed a special repair due to prolonged use of computers, mobile phones and other display caused by eye light damage.



1 x 12ml bottle



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