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OKAMOTO Moisture Absorber 500ml 3pc

OKAMOTO Moisture Absorber 500ml 3pc

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OKAMOTO Okamoto Elephant Wardrobe Dehumidifier (Flower Fragrance) 550ml x3pcs, 4904637999637   

• High-quality moisture-locking paper is used to effectively prevent liquid leakage in the dehumidification box 
• The upper layer is a dehumidifier, and the lower layer is a water storage layer, with large capacity and high efficiency 
• According to the different humidity conditions of the season, it can be used for 3-6 months 

[How to use]: 
• Open the seals on both sides of the carton, take out the product
• Open it and put it in a place that needs dehumidification

[Scope of use]: 
• One within 3 square meters

• When the temperature is low and the humidity is low, the moisture absorption speed may slow down, and the medicine may appear in a solid state, which can be used directly
• There may be black floating objects in the liquid, which is not a quality problem
• Keep out of reach of children
• Be careful not to break the package

[main ingredient]: granulated calcium chloride

Product Origin: Japan



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