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Petkit Fresh Element Mini Automatic Pet Food Feeder

Petkit Fresh Element Mini Automatic Pet Food Feeder

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Fresh Element Mini Automatic Food Dispenser

Are you planning to leave the house for a while and want to make sure your pet has access to food? At AlphaPet, we proudly offer the high-tech Fresh Element Mini automatic food dispenser from PETKIT which can give pet owners the peace of mind they deserve. These food dispensers can store up to 1.5kg of fresh food, automatically dispensing it at scheduled times into a stainless steel food bowl. Whether you need an automatic cat food dispenser or an automatic dog food dispenser, look no further.

Remote Monitoring and Control

The Fresh Element Mini timed dog food dispenser and cat food dispenser can be monitored and controlled remotely using the PETKIT smartphone app. Users have the ability to create a feeding plan tailored to the specific needs of their pet by customising the amount of food dispensed and setting up a suitable schedule. The app can even recommend meal plans based on the breed, age, weight and activity level of your pet. You can even expect to receive phone notifications whenever food levels start to get low.

Minimal Hassle and Maximum Convenience

The Fresh Element Mini takes the hassle out of making sure your pet has healthy eating habits. It can distribute an even amount of food and also features a double fresh-lock design that keeps contents fresh for up to 30 days. A silicone sealing ring and desiccant moisture proof box also help to maintain dryness and freshness for long periods of time. In addition, the automatic food dispenser is easy to assemble and has detachable components that make cleaning more convenient.

Order a PETKIT Automatic Food Dispenser Today

Make AlphaPet your first choice when you want a smart automatic food dispenser for your beloved pet. Place your order online today, or get in touch with our team to learn more about our available pet feeding solutions from PETKIT.


Small but smart
The mini feeder is only 0.017m³ equivalent to approximately 5 packs of tissue but can store 2.8L cat food.
*Normally, an adult cat needs 2.8L cat food every half month.

Scientific feeding on App
The PETKIT App can give you a scientific feeding method or add extral meal as you required.

Lock fresh and delicious
The lid and the food dispenser door are wrapped with silicone sealing ring, and there places a desiccant pack.

Easy taking apart and cleaning
Easily detach or attach, so every part of the equipment could be disassembled and cleaned.

  • Dimensions(mm) – 315*319*170
  • Weight – 2.2kg
  • Material – HIPS
  • Capacity – 2.8L
  • Rated voltage – 6VDC
  • Connect – Wi-Fi



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