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TIGER JKT-D10A 6 Cups Induction Heating Rice Cooker - Made in Japan

TIGER JKT-D10A 6 Cups Induction Heating Rice Cooker - Made in Japan

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Made in Japan rice cooker JKT-D is using a technology of the ceramic coating and it will realize to cook delicious rice. "Express Limited cup" menu using the heat technology that Tiger has cultivated over its long history will make your daily meals rich.

Technology for cooking sweet and chewy texture rice

Ceramic coating

Outside and inside of the inner pot are coated by ceramic materials.

A powerful heat by the heat storage function + far-infrared effection →Bring out the sweetness and chewy texture of rice!


3-layer far-infrared pot (1.5 mm thickness)

It makes rice fluffy from the core and realizes perfectly cooked rice by conducting heat rapidly throughout the pot.


High thermal power IH (induction heating)

Induction heating draws out the natural sweetness and delicious flavor of rice. It makes rice fluffy from the core by enclosing the entire pot with a high heat from the bottom and side.

"Express Limited cup" menu

The developing of heat technology realizes "Express Limited cup" menu. (5.5 cups : 17min for 1 cup / 10 cups : 20min for 2 cups)

You can enjoy the freshly cooked delicious rice whenever you want.

Various rice cooking menus

Selective cooking settings that allow you to enjoy various rice dishes. In addition to the 3 Plain setting menus, it allows you to enjoy "GABA," “Multigrain,” and “Brown” which are optimal for health-conscious people, and the selective cooking menus that bring out the deliciousness of each dish, such as “Porridge,” and “Sweet,” and “Mixed.”

Easy to clean

Three parts to be cleaned

  • (1) Inner Pot (with handle)

  • (2) Inner lid

  • (3) Detachable steam cap (inner / outer)

Easy-to-clean embossed frame

Easy-to-clean embossed frame which makes sticky rice soup come off easily.




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