YOSHIKAWA Stainless Steel Saucepans / Snowpot 16/18/20/22 CM


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The Yukihira pot is a fundamental Japanese cooking appliance. It has been a stable spot not only in professional chef kitchens but also in household cooking from the 700s to present. 

The Yukihira pot continues to hold its place for Japanese people today as a cooking appliance essential to traditional Japanese cooking.

The Yukihira pot, forged from highly durable stainless steel, has a form and feel that is easy-to-use and ideal for making the perennial favourites of Japanese cuisine such as miso soup and stewed dishes, not to mention the preparation of the all-essential Japanese broth. Experience the Japanese ambience passed on from days of old with the easy-to-use Yukihira pot.

Easy to use saucepans for everyday cooking.

YH6751 JANCODE:  4979487767514
Stainless Yukihira Saucepan 16cm

●Capacity:1.2L ●Weight:405g 

YH6752 JANCODE:  4979487767521
Stainless Yukihira Saucepan 18cm
●Capacity:1.6L ●Weight:470g 

YH6753 JANCODE:  4979487767538
Stainless Yukihira Saucepan 20cm
●Capacity:2.1L ●Weight:550g 

YH6754 JANCODE:  4979487767545
Stainless Yukihira Saucepan 22cm
●Capacity:2.8L ●Weight:740g