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2 in 1 Mini Pet Comb for short hair - Brown

2 in 1 Mini Pet Comb for short hair - Brown

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M-Pets’ 2 in 1 Mini Pet Comb for Short Hair

This 2 in 1 Mini pet comb can remove easily up to 95% of dead hair, knots, mats, shedding and tangles for your cat and dog. Easy to clean, use and carry.

Brushing your dog regularly is a great way to remove any loose dog hair as well as having it on a easy to clean brush head instead of all over your floor and furniture. Additionally, It is also a splendid way of spending quality time with your furry friend, enhancing your bond and relationship.


  • Suited for short hair
  • Removes up to 95% of dead hair, knots and more
  • Easy to clean
  • Small packaging makes transport easy

M-Pets is a company focused on delivering innovative and exclusive high-quality products for pets. Their focus extends to meeting the needs of pet owners globally. They are also constantly striving to develop new and exciting products for your furry friends!



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