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ASVEL 2 Tier Wide 40L Rubbish Bin

ASVEL 2 Tier Wide 40L Rubbish Bin

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Thin design that does not take up space
With a depth of about 28 cm, the rubbish bin can be placed under the counter table, the main body does not easily pop out from the top plate, and it can be placed near the wall of the kitchen or along the counter. The upper and lower bin are perfect for sorting food trays and empty cans.

The upper part has a large opening with a capacity of approx. 20L
Since the opening is wide open in the upper row, it is easy to throw away garbage such as empty candy boxes and food trays. In addition, the upper row can be opened by pulling it toward you.

The lower row is a pedal-type opening and closing capacity of about 20L
The lower tier is a pedal type that can be opened by stepping on it with your feet, so even if both hands are blocked, you can dispose of garbage, making it a great success even during busy cooking.

【Top・Bottom】45L Bin bag:W65×H80(cm)

With metal fittings to prevent falls
It comes with a fall prevention bracket that prevents the rubbish bin from tipping forward.

Can be disassembled so it can be washed completely
Since the parts can be removed, even if the main body becomes dirty, it can be washed completely and keeps it clean forever.



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