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BGIEN Hoyu Cileo 1 Day Hair Dye 9ml #5 Dark Brown

BGIEN Hoyu Cileo 1 Day Hair Dye 9ml #5 Dark Brown

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Product Category: Cosmetics

[Details of Cielo One Day Gray Hair Hidden  #5 Dark Brown]

- Pastel color and easy-to-handle, fashionable package A simple comb-shaped marker that can be applied quickly without staining the skin, just by combing from the roots

- Quick-drying type that is convenient before going out

-Natural finish with less stiffness

●3 additive-free paraben, mineral oil, silicone

● Because it is a "1Day" type, it does not interfere with the next color Contains naturally derived moisturizing ingredients, camellia seed extract

【how to use】

(1) Pull out the main body and apply it as it is.

(2) Apply to areas where gray hair is a concern, such as the hairline and parting.

(3) Please close the cap tightly after use.



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