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ITSU Omni Full-Featured Massage Chair (NEW PRODUCT)

ITSU Omni Full-Featured Massage Chair (NEW PRODUCT)

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ITSU Omni Mother's Day Special Offer!!

❌Original Price $6800 ❌

👩‍👧‍👦Mother's Day Group Purchase Price💰 $2980

Manufacturer delivers directly to your door, no installation required, unpack and use!

Love for Mom should not only be kept in the heart but also felt by Mom 💕

Bring the selected gift 💐 and give Mom healthy and sincere love.

Early wishes to all Moms, Happy Mother's Day!!

ITSU Omni Full-Featured Massage Chair

• New ITSU APP interface, can be wirelessly controlled on smartphones

• Brand new XD Pro massage technology, combined with intelligent body type detection, makes massage more accurate

• 4 three-dimensional silicone massage balls for more precise massage

• 3 zero-gravity angles to help relieve neck and back pressure, promote blood circulation

• 3 swing modes to improve sleep quality

• Equipped with 24 single-layer and double-layer airbags, as well as six different air pressure intensities, presenting a variety of air pressure massage combinations

• Ultra-long 1.38-meter L-shaped rail, covering from shoulders, neck to hips, providing maximum coverage in minimal space

• 22 intelligent programs to meet the needs of various people

• 6 combination air pressure massage programs, with 3-level adjustable foot roller massage function

• Back with heating function, adjustable temperature, helps blood circulation

• Bluetooth speaker included

Warranty: 12 months (you can contact the manufacturer for any problems within the warranty period~~)

Attention 📢

• Small tip: This massage chair does not require installation, just unpack and plug in to use. The weight of the massage chair is about 68kg +- which two adult males can easily move, so don't worry about the problem of the massage chair being immovable

• Massage chair dimensions (length x width x height) --- When not tilted: about 140.5cm x 75cm x 118cm, tilted: about 160cm x 75cm x 91.5cm, packaging box: 149cm x 78cm x 125cm can easily pass through doors and house doors

• Manufacturer provides door-to-door delivery service (delivery area limited to Sydney metro area. If you are not sure if your address belongs to the metro area, you can provide us with your postcode for verification. For customers outside the area, delivery charges will be calculated based on the region)

• For customers living in apartments who need the massage chair delivered upstairs with an elevator, an additional $50 handling fee is required (Note: The massage chair cannot be delivered upstairs for customers living in buildings without elevators, it can only be delivered to the apartment entrance)

• Manufacturer provides unpacking and garbage disposal services. If you need unpacking and garbage disposal, an additional $100 fee is required (PS: This massage chair's outer box is cardboard, very easy to unpack~)

• This massage chair is only available for direct sales and no trial points are available, but you can rest assured that this massage chair is carefully selected by us for its high cost performance and comprehensive functions.

📣Specifications: When not tilted: about 1405mm x 750mm x 1180mm

Tilted: about 1600mm x 750mm x 915mm

📣Warranty: 12 months

📣Expiration: The product sells quickly, each batch is the latest production, based on actual factory shipment.

📣Packaging: May vary slightly by season or batch. External packaging box deformation, damage, etc., do not affect the use of the product itself, returns or exchanges are not accepted



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