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Johnson Mold Killer For Rubber Packing 100g

Johnson Mold Killer For Rubber Packing 100g

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Mold remover For rubber packing Body 100g x 1

Since it is a gel type, it is a mold remover that adheres to the mold on the rubber packing and removes it cleanly.
● Because it is a gel type, the liquid does not drip and adheres to mold.
● Pen type that can be applied pinpointly even in small places.
● For removing mold from rubber packing for bathrooms, rubber packing for doors, and tile joints.
● Can also be used for window frames that cause condensation.
* Please read the precautions carefully before use.

● Be careful not to get the gel in your eyes or on your skin as it may irritate your eyes and skin.
● Always use alone. Hazardous gas is generated when mixed with acidic type products, vinegar, alcohol, ammonia, etc.
● Do not use above the line of sight.
● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
● Foreign-made tiles and unit baths may discolor, so be sure to try them in an inconspicuous place before using them.
● If the liquid adheres to the bathtub, wall, or sash, it may discolor, so wash it off immediately with water without leaving it.
● Be careful as it will decolorize when it gets on clothing or rugs.
● Do not transfer to another container for use.
● Do not drop to avoid damage.
● Do not place in contact with children or pets.

How to use:

 1. Remove the cap and apply directly to the dirty area.
Apply directly to the dirty area and leave for 15-30 minutes.

* While pressing the bottle lightly, adjust the amount of liquid that comes out. Note that if you press it too hard, the liquid may splash out.

 2. Remove with a water wipe.
When the mold stains are removed, wipe it thoroughly with a rag.

* Please do not use wet tissues.



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