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KOBAYASHI Medi-Shield Liquid Bandage 10g

KOBAYASHI Medi-Shield Liquid Bandage 10g

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  • Efficacy / effect

Scratches, scratches, cracks, cracks, small scratches

  • Usage / Dose

Clean the affected area, apply an appropriate amount only to the wound area, and let it dry gently.

<Precautions related to usage / usage>

(1) Do not use the affected area or its surroundings while it is dirty.

(2) If the affected area is wet with sweat or water, wipe off the water before using.

(3) Be careful not to get this in your eyes.

Should it get in your eyes, immediately wash with water or lukewarm water and see an ophthalmologist immediately.

(4) When using it for children, use it under the guidance and supervision of parents.

(5) Use this drug only for external use and never take it internally.

(6) When applied to a wound, it will stain for a moment, but when it dries, it will disappear.

(7) Do not wash the brush with water after use (the chemical may harden into a gel when it comes in contact with water).

  • Ingredients / quantity

In 100g

Ingredients / quantity / function

Make a pyroxylin / 12g / capsule and cover the affected area

It contains isopropyl palmitate, castor oil, dl-camfur, tocopherol acetate, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, and isopropanol as additives.



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