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SUN-FAMILY - UV CUT COOL Foldable UV Resistant Fisherman Hat (Black x Beige) (4571414679602)

SUN-FAMILY - UV CUT COOL Foldable UV Resistant Fisherman Hat (Black x Beige) (4571414679602)

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SHADAN Foldable Anti-UV Double Sided Bucket Hat

Up to 99% UV shielding rate!!!

COOL MAX cooling fiber can quickly absorb moisture and sweat on the surface of the skin, 

and it is still breathable and comfortable after wearing it for a long time~
The use of SHADAN material has both heat shielding effect (can be cooled by 4.1 degrees) 
and anti-UV and anti-ultraviolet effect. The design of the plastic folded edge can freely adjust the angle or shape of the hat edge. 
The width of the hat can reach 12cm to increase the range of sun protection, and it is soft and can be bent arbitrarily. 
Folding material, easy to fold and store.

Hat brim: about 12cm
[Applicable size] Head circumference: about 57.5cm
[product size] diameter about 35.0 x height about 17.0cm

It is recommended to refer to the actual picture as the standard. Depending on the resolution of the screen, there may be chromatic aberration

Material and size details: Please refer to the product picture description
Depending on the measurement method, there may be an error of 1-3cm
One size fits only one size, please refer to the detailed size before purchasing

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