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DiLUSSO Free standing Steam Oven - WHITE/BLACK GLASS

DiLUSSO Free standing Steam Oven - WHITE/BLACK GLASS

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FINISH - EXTERIOR Full White Glass
FINISH - INTERIOR  Full Stainless Steel
DIMENSIONS  539(W) x 393(H) x 459mm(D)
POWER SOURCE Electricity 10amp plug in
STD ACCESSORIES  2 x stainless steel racks
 1 x stainless steel perforated tray
 1 x stainless steel solid tray
LEVELS  3 levels
FEATURES  Tabletop plug in design - able to fit into most microwave  cabinets
 Extra large oven capacity
 Digital touch LED controls
 Water reservoir can be topped up during use
 Patented built-in water reservoir and filling mechanism
 Warning alarm when reservoir is full or near empty
 Water reservoir drains automatically via flip out spout
 Over heating protection system
 Auto shut off when oven door is opened
WARRANTY  3 years

Steaming is the healthier way to cook and reheat your food. Di Lusso offers a convenient table top steam oven with a large 33L capacity and built in water reservoir. Experience the difference with a Di Lusso steam oven.



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