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KAI Japanese Blade Knife 180mm [AE-2902] - Made in Japan

KAI Japanese Blade Knife 180mm [AE-2902] - Made in Japan

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KAI Japanese Blade Knife 180mm [AE-2902]  - Made in Japan

[Brand] Japanese shellfish KAI
[Commodity Name] Guan Sun Liumeng Yellow Full Series
【Material】Blade: stainless steel composite steel, special stainless steel, stainless steel, handle: nylon (heat-resistant 170 degrees), polypropylene resin (heat-resistant 110 degrees)

【Product Model/International Barcode/Size】
AE-2900 "Santoku Sword 165mm" / 4901601389067 / Overall length about 29cm (blade 16.5cm) / Weight: 120g
AE-2901 "Little Santoku Knife 145mm" / 4901601389074 / Overall length about 27cm (blade 14.5cm) / Weight: 105g
AE-2902 "Blade 180mm" / 4901601389081 / Overall length about 30.5cm (blade 18cm) / Weight: 108g
AE-2903 "Fruit Knife 120mm" / 4901601389098 / Overall length about 22cm (blade 12cm) / Weight: 50g
AE-2904 "Square Kitchen Knife 165mm" / 4901601389104 / Overall length about 29cm (blade length 16.5cm) / Weight: 138g

【Product desciption】
✨ It can be used to cut vegetables and fruits, fish, meat, no problem 👌👌

⛔⛔ If you want to cut hard fish bones or crabs, be sure to use a thick blade knife!
⛔⛔ Do not cut frozen food, it is recommended to use a freezer knife for frozen food

🉑🉑🉑 Can use home dishwasher and dishwasher~



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