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Kylin Electric Heated Lunch Box 2 Layered with Egg Steamer AU-K6914

Kylin Electric Heated Lunch Box 2 Layered with Egg Steamer AU-K6914

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The Kylin Electric Heated Lunch Box features a double-layered design with a detachable egg steamer, providing ample meal capacity. It is constructed with a stainless steel food container and includes a convenient lunch bag for easy portability and storage.

Short description

Kylin Electric Heated Lunch Box: Double-layered with egg steamer, stainless steel container, and portable lunch bag for convenient, ample-capacity meals.


  • Double-Layered Design: Enhances meal capacity, allowing for versatile and satisfying food options in one compact lunch box.
  • Detachable Egg Steamer: Conveniently prepare eggs or steam other items separately, adding versatility to your lunchtime options.
  • Stainless Steel Food Container: Ensures durability and hygiene, providing a safe and reliable meal container.
  • Convenient Lunch Bag: Included for easy portability and storage, making it a practical solution for on-the-go meals wherever you are.
  • Ample Meal Capacity: The lunch box provides sufficient space for substantial meals, catering to your hunger and nutritional needs throughout the day.



  • Model Number: AU-K6914
  • Product Dimension:  17cm* 17 cm* 20 cm
  • Product Gross Weight: 1kg
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V
  • Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Rated Power: 270W
  • Capacity: 1400 ml (650ml x 1, 750ml x 1 )

There might be slight differences in the measurement of the product’s size and weight since they are measured by hand.



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