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PERFECT Multifunctional chicken bone scissors

PERFECT Multifunctional chicken bone scissors

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Name: Multifunctional chicken bone scissors

Model/International Barcode:

Material: Blade - Premium Stainless Steel
Shank - PP (polypropylene) + TPR (thermoplastic rubber)

made in China

feature of product:
★PP (polypropylene) + TPR (thermoplastic rubber) handle
★Multifunctional scissors such as chicken bone scissors, fish scale removal, and beer bottle opening
★Safety lock design, more secure storage

How to use: Before use, use neutral detergent and sponge after cleaning.
Preservation method: Store in a dry place, avoid co-storing with strong acids and alkaline solvents, so as to avoid product rust.
1. Do not heat directly.
2. Please place it out of reach of children to avoid danger.



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