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PETKIT Fresh Element Automatic Pet Food Feeder

PETKIT Fresh Element Automatic Pet Food Feeder

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PETKIT Fresh Element Automatic Pet Food Feeder

Do you ever worry about your cat or dog running out of food when you’re not home? With a PETKIT Fresh Element automatic pet food feeder from AlphaPet, you won’t have to worry about your pet’s food again. This innovative automatic feeder allows you to feed your pets via a long-range remote that’s easily installed onto your smartphone. You can even program the feeder to provide notifications when food is running low. Whether you need to work late or you want to sleep in without being woken up by your hungry pets, this automatic cat feeder and dog feeder can accommodate your needs.

Features of the Fresh Element Automatic Smart Feeder

With a capacity of 5.9 litres, the PETKIT Fresh Element digital pet feeder is the smart feeder of choice for those looking for an auto cat feeder or auto dog feeder. Pet food can be safely stored for up to 30 days thanks to the fresh-lock design, plus in addition to being a remote control pet feeder, it’s also an automatic pet food dispenser with timer, meaning you can program the feeder to release food at a scheduled time each day. Whether you need an automatic dog feeder with timer or an automatic cat feeder with timer, this automatic smart feeder will meet all your needs.

Buy an Automatic Smart Feeder from AlphaPet today

Next time you’re looking for the best automatic cat feeder or automatic dog feeder, look no further than the Fresh Element timed pet feeder. Available for delivery across Australia from AlphaPet, you can rely on this automatic pet feeder with timer to help you care for your beloved pet when you can’t be there. Place your order online today, or contact us today to learn more about the Fresh Element automatic dog food feeder and cat food feeder from PETKIT.


Double “fresh lock” system
PETKIT places silicone sealing ring at the food outlet door, then adds the desiccant box on the top of feeder to keep food fresh. A never stuck feeder PETKIT creates a self-adaption system with an oscillating bar, spring check-board, and silicone impeller to make device never gets stuck.

Impact between pet’s diet & high-tech
PETKIT places ten high-precision sensors to create safer and more complete system – offering your pets a healthier way of feeding.

Smart Phone Control
Set up a feeding plan, long-range remote, one key control and receive notices via the PETKIT App.

  • Total weight – 5kg
  • Bucket capacity – 5.9L
  • Nominal voltage – 6VDC
  • Wireless – Wi-Fi enabled
  • Rated power – 6W/1000mA
  • Recommended pet type – small to medium size dogs/cats
  • Dimensions(mm) – 500*223*445




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