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SATO Pharmaceutical Nazal rhinitis Spray Treatment 30 ML

SATO Pharmaceutical Nazal rhinitis Spray Treatment 30 ML

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Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / quantity Nafazoline hydrochloride / 50 mg, chlorophenylamine maleate / 500 mg, benzylconium chloride / 10 mg [Additives] Didimethylpolysiloxane, silicon dioxide , Dihydrogen phosphate K, Hydrogen phosphate 2K, Citric acid, Na chloride, Fragrance (including phenylethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, Polysolvate 20) Usage and dosage Adults (15 years old and over) and 7-14 years old 1 at a time Spray into the nasal cavity up to 6 times a day, 2 times each. In addition, please leave the application interval at least 3 hours. Formulation type / shape Nasal drops

Efficacy Efficacy Relief of the following symptoms due to allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis or sinusitis: stuffy nose, runny nose (excessive nasal discharge), sneezing, heavy head.



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