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Smart Fitness X Foot Massage + Vibration Machine 2mm (PRE-ORDER PRICE)

Smart Fitness X Foot Massage + Vibration Machine 2mm (PRE-ORDER PRICE)

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Smart Fitness is a globally patented innovative wellness device for achieving better fitness and health effortlessly. Engineered with an advanced whole body vibration (WBV) technology which utilizes a vibrating platform to transmit low-frequency vertical vibrations to the human body; Smart Fitness helps to keep exercise highly efficient without burdening your body, heart, and lungs.



  • Dual Action: Combines exercise and massage for efficient results
  • Meridian Stimulation: Simultaneously pats and stimulates acupressure points on your feet to help reset meridians and their linked organs, promoting overall well-being
  • Enhanced Circulation: Muscles’ rapid contractions and relaxations act as a natural pump for improved blood and lymphatic flow
  • Gentle Passive Exercise: Mimics rope skipping’s forceful movement without joint strain
  • Safe and Low Impact: Eases pressure on joints and muscles while sparing your heart and lungs
  • Qigong-like Effect: Uses a 4–13Hz frequency wave akin to various health-promoting qigong exercises
  • Full Body Revitalisation: Stimulates muscles, nerves, bones, cells, blood vessels, bones, muscles, the nervous system and the endocrine system

Compact Design: Takes up minimal space. Japanese researchers confirm its unique vibration's efficacy.
Effortless Exercise: Provides passive workout benefits via the impact of gravity.
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Made in Taiwan

 How to use:

1. This device can be used at any time except within one hour after meals.
2. Drink 200-300ml warm water to prevent dehydration.
3. Begin your workout at a low speed (levels 1–3), and gradually increase to a comfortable speed level. You can also choose to sit, squat, or even lie partially, apart from simply standing on the product.
4. For your first week workout, perform 15 minutes per session, at least twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. It is advisable to allow yourself a 2-hour interval before the next exercise session.
5. For the following week, increase the intensity and duration up to 30 minutes or more. It is advisable to take a short break; an approximately 5 to 10 minutes break in between sessions.
6. Your total exercise duration should not be more than 2 hours per day.
7. Drink 200–300ml warm water to promote metabolism and to help replenish the loss of fluids while training.







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