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Thermos vacuum insulation cooker shuttle chef 4.3L (for 4-6 people) KBJ-4501 CGY

Thermos vacuum insulation cooker shuttle chef 4.3L (for 4-6 people) KBJ-4501 CGY

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      [Thermos Vacuum Insulated Cooker Shuttle Chef 4.3L Cool Gray KBJ-4501 CGY product details]
●Cooking pot is fluorine coated. Non-stick and easy to use.
Because it is heat-retaining cooking, it is easy to cook time-consuming dishes.
●3-layer fluorine coating Non-
stick and easy to clean. 3 layers: top coating, middle coating, primer
coating (Including the bottom of the beam)
●Tempered glass lid that allows you to see inside while
cooking You can check the cooking status without opening the lid.
●Energy -saving
A heat-retaining container that traps and cooks "heat", greatly saving time and energy related to cooking.
(1) Heat a
cooking pot to be heated and boil for a predetermined time.
(2) Put it in a
heat-retaining container, close the lid, and leave the rest to the shuttle chef. (3) You don't need to keep an eye on the
heat while cooking, so you have plenty of time to spare. (4) Completion Completion in a predetermined time.

●Cooking pot
has a structure that allows heat to be transmitted evenly.
Compatible with 200V electromagnetic cookers (IH cooking heaters, etc.).
Can be used with gas, electricity, halogen heaters, sheathed heaters, and radiant heaters.
*Do not heat the thermal insulation container on fire or heat it with an electromagnetic cooker (IH cooking heater, etc.). Doing so may cause burns.

[Standard overview]
Body dimensions: Width 30* Depth 24* Height 24 cm
Body weight: Approximately 2.6 kg
Cooking pot capacity: 4.3 L
Cooking pot maximum inner diameter: 19.5 cm
Cooking pot lid type: Glass
Cooking pot Structure: 3-layer fluorine coating
Material: Body/Aluminum alloy, stainless steel (18% chromium) (bottom thickness 2.9mm (including beam bottom))

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