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 Package and contents are subject to change without notice due to cleaning renewal. Please note.

[Product Details of Raku Hapi Mach Bubble Bubble Washbasin Drain Pipe Cleaning]
(Fast cleaning) Mach foam easily flushes dirt and clogs from the drain pipe at once.
(Pick-up disinfection cleaning) Cleaning, deodorizing, and 99% permeation disinfection from overflow to drain pipe.
*It does not eliminate all bacteria.
*It does not bleach black spots.
●Contains IPMP that penetrates deep into dirt and eliminates bacteria
●No chlorine is used for peace of mind ●
Specially designed nozzle that fits snugly into drains. For cleaning the washbasin. Makes cleaning easier.
●Refreshing soapy scent

[How to use]

・Remove the removable faucet before using.
・Shake the can well up and down 10 times.
(1) Turn the special nozzle in the direction of "OPEN" to unlock it. *At this time, do not look into the nozzle.
(2) Cover the sink drain with a special nozzle.
(3) Press the can so that it is perpendicular to the drain. * Do not use the can upright or sideways.
(4)・Fast cleaning: Mach foam is sprayed to wash away dirt and clogs at once.
(5) Stop spraying when the amount of foam comes out of the overflow hole (about 3 to 7 seconds).
(6)・Disinfectant cleaning after soaking: If you want to thoroughly clean, deodorize, and penetrate and disinfect, leave it for about 30 minutes without running water.
(7) Lift the special nozzle upwards and turn it in the direction of "LOCK" to lock it.

・Depending on the structure of the drain pipe, bubbles may not come out, but the injection guideline is about 3 to 7 seconds.
・After washing, wash away any remaining foam on the washbasin with water.
・If dirt or clogging is severe, adjust the amount again after a while and use a little more.
・The bubbles attached to the special nozzle will disappear over time. If it bothers you, wipe it off with a cloth, etc., or rinse it with water and dry it well.
・Estimated amount to be used: 3 to 7 seconds per use (30 seconds if the entire can is injected)


Surfactant (2.07%, alkyl glucoside (nonionic)), solubilizer (ethyl alcohol) / disinfectant (isopropylmethylphenol (IPMP))

[Standard overview]

Product name: Synthetic detergent
for washbasin Use: For washbasin drain port, drain pipe, overflow hole Liquidity
: Neutral

[Preservation method]
・Store in a cool place out of reach of children, avoiding direct sunlight and fire.

・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Be sure to ventilate before use.
・Those with rough skin should wear thin cooking gloves.
・Be careful not to get bubbles on objects made of copper or brass (faucets, ball chains, etc.).
・Do not inhale or spray toward the human body.
・If swallowed, induce vomiting and seek medical attention immediately.
・If it accidentally gets into your eyes or adheres to your skin, wash it off thoroughly. Also, if there are any abnormalities, seek medical attention from a doctor.
・If you put it around water or in a humid place, the can may rust and explode, so do not put it.



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